30 April

Hip deep in commisisons

I’m sorting out my schedule leading up to Animazement 2013, but I have a number of costume commissions to finish, including at least one of my own projects. Some time at the end of June, I’ll be starting on my Twilight Princess Zelda.

I feel like I’m spending all my free time sewing, but I’m really enjoying it. It gets me away from computers. If it paid well enough, I’d just sew all day instead. One commission is done, with 3 more to finish, and one stuffed animal before June 10th.

In snatches of free time, I’m playing the new Tomb Raider on PS3. It’s really quite fun, and satisfies my urge to Explore All The Things. I’m happy there appear to be no zombies in the game. I never finished the first uncharted due to unexpected super fast monster zombies. And the fact the area I’m in you have to start over from the beginning of a ten minute run when you die. I could jack it down to ‘easy’ I suppose and try to finish it that way.

2 April


Live Truck copy

Not HUGELY exciting or anything, but I made this for smaller size use with a kid’s activity sheet for work. We didn’t have a line drawing of a truck, so I pulled up a color photo, cut it out, used “Create Outlines”, cleaned it up and added a stroke. I cleaned off the logos and replaced them with new ones, gave the struck black tires (probably could have done grey and textured, but this thing really will be samll), de-saturated the whole thing and stuck it on the sheet.

24 March

Work example

I don’t usually get to do much creative, so when a pie chart was needed, I put this together. Not terribly exciting, but I don’t know where else to keep examples of the daily work that I do.

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