Last Pot Brewed

A digital arts and making company for graphic design and physical objects

Let me Make it for you

Do you need a thing? I can make it. I work with a variety of tools and media - digital and otherwise, to create anything and everything.

  • 3D modeling and 3D printing - I work in Lightwave 3D and have for over fifteen years, first for news graphics, and later to build 3D printables.
  • Graphic design in any format for any purpose. My portfolio has examples spanning nearly two decades of work.
  • Costume construction and creation. I'm Rebel Legion and 501st approved. General commissions available on a limited basis.
  • General overview of my skills.

All of my 3D models are printable in plastic or resin. I am constantly adding to my available collection, most of which are in my Etsy store. Need something? just ask.


With more than a decade of experience in Photoshop and additional Adobe programs, I can create anything you need. I have worked with print, web, news graphics, and team design

3D Modeling

I work in Lightwave 3D to design high-quality 3D models suitable for printing. I have 3D printers for prototyping and test printing as well as for production.


I can make anything. Props made out of 3D printed parts to hand-built costumes from foam, fabric, and paint. Best in show winner and costume judge, I have a critical eye for detail.


My Skillset

Graphic Design

Video and print media for trade shows, commercials, film shorts, social media, email campaigns, and websites.

3D Modeling and Printing

Custom CAD for objects ranging from hard to find costume props, replacement parts for antiques, prototypes for manufacturing, and one of a kind(or many) object d'art.


High fidelity costuming and prop construction with any and all materials for stage, film, conventions, or shows

Video Editing

16+ years of experience in everything from live broadcast to film, to weddings, documentaries, or concerts. I take your video and audio and clean it to your standards.


A collection of things I've made

  • All
  • 3D
  • Graphics
  • Costuming
Virtual Hell designs

Badge and Lanyard


Part of the Slave Leia set

Leia set


Yes they're wearable


Card 2


Web 2


App 3


Card 1


Card 3


Web 3




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