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My friend and I were interviewed by CNN and can be seen at 1:18 on – she’s the wolf. We’re in the backgrounds of a few other DragonCon related videos as well as Midna and Wolf Link

I entered no costume contests this year, and I think getting interviewed by CNN and appearing there is way better anyway.

Picked up some information on ‘papercraft’ costuming, which involves printing out a flattened 3D model on stiff paper and gluing edges of polygons together. I’d seen it done a few times with World of Warcraft models, and some helmets, but not as semi-finished costume pieces. I’m less interested in this, though it has some potential of designing my own original character costumes and printing them. However, it leaves a faceted look to the final piece which rarely looks good or finished. It might be fun to do a full WoW character costume this way, just to make it look exactly like the game model, including the face and hands. It might be worth doing one this way, but the paper and ink cost might make it prohibitively expensive just to try it out.

Still, this method might work well for a sword, or at least an armor base to get the proportions right, by printing on even regular paper first and taping together to better judge dimensions. I do have a model of Twilight Princess Ganondorf around here somewhere…….

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