13 October
21 September

Another promotional poster

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Liz_Leia_BRBWaiting for final Legion approval on this one, but it should be alright.  Our base membership is.. well, kinda dismal and we’re looking for more members. We only have about a dozen costumers to call on across the state, and not everyone can always take time off to volunteer.


21 August

Snake Award

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So some drama happened out in the Wilmington office – a copperhead snake got in the building.  They’re in a building were they can’t kill snakes, so they had to remove it alive somehow.

I whipped this up for them on the fly.



19 August

New Web Banners

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500x150_RPX Conference


A few days apart.

I’m working on turning the rainbow deer into an illustrator file, and it’s coming along pretty well. I had a few requests to turn it into a print, so that’s exciting.

So far, I’ve sold three copies of my Midna Instructions PDF. I’m thinking of lowering the price to see if I’ll get more sales.

12 March

I did a thing

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ACC Brackets 2014
More TWCNews web stuff.

Final version allows webstaff to edit the winners into the remaining columns.

28 August

My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic – posters

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[Set of posters for a DragonCon 2012 event

Set of four posters, regular page size, created at the request of a gal on Facebook who is throwing a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic party at DragonCon 2012 Artwork is taken from the tv series, and I claim absolutely no rights to the artwork of the show or Lauren Faust. Theme is Best Night Ever, after episode of the same name.

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