23 July

I did another thing – Rebel Legion

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A new Jedi Knight member of Blue Ridge Base/Rebel Legion asked for a sig banner, so I made him one.  The Darth Vader is a 501st member – he’s not from a movie screen shot.  “Darinus” is an OC, with a cape instead of a robe in grey tones and a purple lightsaber.  He’s only got the one costume so far, but when he gets more I’ll update his banner be animated.  Though, now that I’ve said that, I’m tempted to go back and animate a glow on the sabers and make them vibrate a little.

The right round logo says “Nexus Temple” – all Jedi are automatically members so we all get to use that logo in addition to the BRB logo.

13 July

I’m amusing myself again.

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Made this for a friend.  Heard about Ford’s on set accident, looked it up, went to Wikipedia and found out he is an honest-to-god helicopter pilot and really has personally saved a couple of lives.  Pretty awesome, actually. My husband’s alternate title was “is actually a pilot”.

9 July

Hurricane Season at work


I made a whole set. Of both Hurricane and Tropical Storm banners (that’s 21 storm names each) that the web people can pull out of a folder and slap on the website as soon as the next storm rears it’s ugly head.  This was the first year the web banners have been requested. All the ‘open’ animations are done for all storm names as well, and sets of smaller on-air graphics are about done.

I hate hurricane season.



3 July

Another marker post


I didn’t use every color I had, but I came close. Combination of new markers and old markers. I like squiggly lines.


3 July

Tropical Storm web banner

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More web work for work. We like the ‘ominous’ look for hurricane season.  I’m currently working on my annual duty of cranking out 2 versions of animations for every storm name so they’ll be ready before hand, ‘tropical storm’ and ‘hurricane’.

29 June

Marker review!

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Trying out a new set of markers by “Chalk This Way” – the standard set of 10 markers with a mix of neon and regular colors: http://www.amazon.com/Premium-LIQUID-CHALK-Markers-Book/dp/B00CD33ML6/ref=pd_bxgy_ac_img_y

Pros: My favorite thing about these is that they can cover fully if you take your time with them.  Expos, crayolas and every other dry-erase marker that I’ve tried leaves streaks when trying to fill in any solid.  The saturation level  is great – the colors are super bright and solid and don’t fade like Crayola’s are very notorious for. The lack of streaks put these at the top of my favorite marker of all time list.  We’ll see how many uses I get out of them. They’re pricey, but they currently seem to be worth it, so for now I’m not putting price down as a ‘con’.

Cons: My least favorite thing is that once they dry, you are more or less stuck with the color. I was going to go back over the curly vines with black, but once the liquid chalk dried, it was like dragging a pencil eraser over the surface.  Since that is a sensation I very much dislike, I stopped here.  Next time I’ll have to do one item and outline at a time and just get it done before it dries.  There is a reasonable about of time between drawing and drying, so I should be alright next time.  It’ll be harder to do backgrounds and use the same markers for a foreground object, however.  It takes about 2 minutes of shaking/tapping per pen to get them started the first time, but at least that lets me know that the pens were never used previously, even for testing.

Next test will involve more of a combination of expo’s and these new markers. I used some green expo here just because I wanted variation in color and a comparison.

‘Chalk This Way’ markers seem to do slightly better if put down horizontally rather than vertically.  You have to tap the tip of the pen every so often to keep the ink flowing if using on a wall mounted surface.  On the bright side, while marketed as chalkboard markers, they work great for white boards, which is why I didn’t know they actually existed until a few weeks ago.

I’ll be trying out mixing the white and black markers (while wet) to see if I can get any kind of consistent grey as well.

As much as I like having a GIANT WHITE BOARD to work on, I may have to suck it up and get another of my own.  It just has too much previous writing on it, and it shows through.

26 June

Two weeks later…

I think I’ve been fighting off a cold for two weeks.  For the second (or third) time this year, I spent my vacation time sick instead of being at a Con or otherwise out of state.  Went to doctor last week, but may need to go somewhere again.  I need my monitors raised and looking down at them is currently annoying and causes aches in my shoulders.

I really need to draw something today.  All I can actually think about at the moment is catching up on sleep when I leave work today.

How can I be useful today instead of complaining? okay, to-do list, go:

1. Draw something. Scribble. Anything

2.  Grocery shopping list

3.  Throw five minutes at my Etsy shop.

4.  Find some mechanical pencils to bring to work

5.  Pack markers before I forget again


1.  Plan of attack on trip to home 1 for cleaning

2.  Work on Catra

3.  Work on Hoth Leia Vest/organize loose fabric

4.  Find that missing thingie

5.  Make vet appointment for Penny for follow-up bloodwork

6.  Rinse new cat water fountain before it gets gross


Notes to self – shop for an exercise ball/chair for work.

18 June

I did this thing also

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I like getting to do pretty web banners. I’ve said it before, but it’s a nice break from the on-air format.


15 June


New digs are great.  I don’t have a privacy of a closed office anymore, but the cube has more drawers.  Technically, I do, in fact get a ‘view’ of the sky but it’s above eye level. Maybe it’ll amount for a smidge more vitamin D than I was getting on a regular basis, which was pretty much none.  The layout and overall design of the Charlotte newsroom appeals to me.  As near as I can figure, the whole thing is asymmetrical.   The drop tile ceiling is both tilted and has more than four edges.  There’s a wide staircase that leads to the ‘secret’ break room that we get to use on the weekends but during the week is ruled by the TWC sales people.  Our ‘break area’ is less of a break room and more of a coffee and drink dispenser location, with a separate closet crowded with the fridge and two apparently notoriously unreliable vending machines.  However, there’s Starbucks, more tea bags than simply ‘decaf’ and ‘regular’ and three flavors of free crystal light packs.

The Starbucks coffee turned out to only be the ‘blonde’ variety, but it’s still better than the generic k-cups we had in Raleigh.

I was about to run out to a nearby office supply store and pick up a new dry erase board, when one of my newly local co-workers warmly suggested that I use the board in the conference room.

I took a peek around the corner.

dry erase board

I’m tempted to quote Bugs Bunny but I feel like I’d be seriously dating myself.



12 June


Today is my last day in the Raleigh Newsroom. One of my coworkers celebrated 12 years with News 14/Time Warner Cable News today.  My 10 year work anniversary happens in August.  I’ve been here to see the station change names, go from 4:3 and giant backup tapes to 16:9 and digital HD.  When I started, we made our traffic maps ‘by hand’ in Illustrator and Photoshop using templates that we modified.  Not too long after I started, we switched to Curious Maps (thank the gods).  When I started we only had the one building, and now we’re in Charlotte, Greensboro and Wilmington.  I don’t even remember what software we had before we moved from VizRt to Chyron, but it was a pain in the butt.  Sometimes the only surface indication that something has gone wrong was the sight of a news director dashing past the cubes, but even that hasn’t happened in years.  We went from burnt coffee pots to a k-cup machine and I kept going with my “Last Pot Brewed” dry erase comics, which people liked more than I first realized.  On top of that, no one I’ve talked to here even feels like they could ‘take over’, which equally surprises me.   I’m sort of happy to be with the same company for 10 years, but I’m looking forward to the next adventure.

I applied for a contract job that needs 3D models pumped out.  They want Maya and Max, but I’m hoping Lightwave could work for them too.  (crosses fingers)

My boss had my regular workstation/computer moved to Charlotte and it’s going to be all ready for me when I come into work Sunday at the Charlotte Newsroom.  My office decorations are all packed up and ready to go with me out the door today.  I have a box of duplicate markers that I’m leaving here just in case someone wants to draw on the board too.

It’s pretty awesome that my bosses were not only willing to do this for me, but they moved it along pretty fast.   The new drive won’t be much longer than the old drive to work, and I can still miss the rush hour because of my crazy schedule not changing.

We move the cats this weekend too.  This will be interesting.  I hope life continues to be interesting.


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