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Web chips for work

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Update: I decided I didn’t like the original ones after all and redid them.

Since the changeover, we’re trying to flush out the old images and make all new ones. One of the efforts has been replacing all the generic sports related headline/chip images for web. While all are saved as 640×320, they resize smaller online for a more user friendly preview.


Carolina Hurricanes



The original concepts had crowd/players or otherwise more stuff going on in the background. This design is offset from center, more basic and will be more uniform.


Images were pulled from AP graphics bank and Thinkstockphotos

12 March

I did a thing

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ACC Brackets 2014
More TWCNews web stuff.

Final version allows webstaff to edit the winners into the remaining columns.

5 March

Another new Web Banner

For work. I should probably go back and reorganize my images.

Severe Weather Awareness

Severe Weather Awareness

Made in about 20-30 minutes. For our coverage of Gov. McCrory’s declaration of Severe Weather Awareness week for NC.

Hurricane Week replacement Banner reflecting the new look of the station.

Hurricane week

30-45 minutes.

27 January

Internal map – North and South Carolina


Created based on another existing map, and modifying my own templates in Photoshop. Covers DMA’s in our area – not secret information.

The company I work for just underwent a name change, so it’s been interesting adapting to the new look.

25 November
20 November
20 November
19 September

More recent work

TWC_Coverage_09_2013 copy

Something I update periodically at work. I’ve been pleading with my boss about letting me change the colors, but this is what they want. I did manage to get through a round of cleaner text and a few other changes.

I made the original based off an even older design. This is meant for in-house use, but is nothing secret.

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