23 October

Greetings from….

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Made at the request of my best friend, for one of her very dear friends. Thrown together in about 30 minutes.

It’s an in-joke.

10 September

DragonCon 2012 and CNN

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Fighting off ConCrud. whoohoo. Not too bad though. I did call LifeSouth and told them they probably can’t use the blood I donated. I’m assuming they’ll double check it. The Red Cross called on the way down. They told me to ask for my THREE GALLON pin when I go in next time . DragonCon was my 31st donation, officially. DCon only had 2 donations on record, but I know I’ve donated at least 4 times previously.


ALSO, I’M ON CNN. They used my photo on their before/after site. Apparently, I was also mentioned on air, but I haven’t seen the story yet.


The crowds were really rediculous though. There were times we almost couldn’t move through the Marriott levels.

My glowing cloak was a huge hit, and bronies loved my Chrysalis w/ fangs.

Over all, I dragged most of the weekend. I nearly passed out Friday night and my anxiety level didn’t really start winding down until Sunday. For a change, i didn’t sleep well, even though we stayed in nearly the exact same room as last year (might have actually BEEN the same room. The adult sci-fi panel wasn’t as fun as last year – some stupid woman kept howling incessantly about every five seconds. Like, wolf howling, not laugh howling. The pony group apparently was a disaster. I missed being in the parade because I woke up late and thought ‘fuck it’ and didn’t bother costuming until later. I technically didn’t use 2 of my costumes, though one was meant to wear if the rained during the parade and one meant for if it didn’t rain.

The high points were great though – I got to see Morgan again and hang out a bit, meet some of Jason’s friends, have some great costume duos with Mary, and bought a bunch of t-shirts. I got to judge a Whedon-verse costume contest, and that went very fast and easy. We didn’t have time to really talk to contestants and there was no pre-judging, but it was pretty obvious who was winning and who wasn’t. The Firefly winners were the 2 guys who contacted the company that made the beads for the uniform jackets and had new beads cast just for their costumes. They made everything themselves, and researched the type of armor used by the troopers in Serenity. There was pretty much no disagreement, and I think it went really well.

I got told that I was the ‘best Midna EVER’, which I’m still super excited about. He sounded like he’d seen a few others. As far as I could tell, I was the only Midna of my type this year, but I could be wrong. I saw a few Imps around too. While I wish I’d had more energy this year, not pushing myself to stay in costume the whole con was kind of nice too.

28 August

My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic – posters

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[Set of posters for a DragonCon 2012 event

Set of four posters, regular page size, created at the request of a gal on Facebook who is throwing a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic party at DragonCon 2012 Artwork is taken from the tv series, and I claim absolutely no rights to the artwork of the show or Lauren Faust. Theme is Best Night Ever, after episode of the same name.

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