19 September

More recent work

TWC_Coverage_09_2013 copy

Something I update periodically at work. I’ve been pleading with my boss about letting me change the colors, but this is what they want. I did manage to get through a round of cleaner text and a few other changes.

I made the original based off an even older design. This is meant for in-house use, but is nothing secret.

20 August

Random fun thing – Pony Island

Tatt Gallery


Queen Chrys

A few months ago, a friend got me into an online game called “Pony Island”. One of the things you can do with ponies is ‘tattoo’ them with your own images, either with a solid background or even with an alpha, but only in certain boxes. All the ponies have just one template per male/female/breed, so the image areas are a little limited. Each pony gets 3 ‘slots’ or tiny boxes that run together where images can be added to the skin.

I went a little crazy and made a bunch of Tat’s for my own ponies and sold other ones. These are my favorites. The top three I won a contest with the designs for “Seasons”

The ponies display pretty small, only around 250×250, and the tattoo area is only on the body in the middle of that square. I’ve had fun harkening back to my low-poly 3D days with small textures sizes. Some ponies get even less area than others because their wings take up so much space of the display area.

All were done in Photoshop. All pony tattoos were made from scratch and saved as .png’s – game rules prevent any photos or photo derivatives from being used, so everything must be painted by hand. Image references are allowed, but nothing can be directly copied.

4 August

Group Zelda shot finished

Finished photoshop image from our Animazement group photo. I have permission from all cosplayers to alter the photo(s) and use them.

Finished photoshop image from our Animazement group photo. I have permission from all cosplayers to alter the photo(s) and use them.

I’m calling this ‘done’. There may be a few other things I could do, but I’m pretty happy with it.

8 April

My version of the Twilight Mirror from Zelda



I forgot I made these a few months ago!

2 April


Live Truck copy

Not HUGELY exciting or anything, but I made this for smaller size use with a kid’s activity sheet for work. We didn’t have a line drawing of a truck, so I pulled up a color photo, cut it out, used “Create Outlines”, cleaned it up and added a stroke. I cleaned off the logos and replaced them with new ones, gave the struck black tires (probably could have done grey and textured, but this thing really will be samll), de-saturated the whole thing and stuck it on the sheet.

27 March

Marriage Equality

My two versions of the red Equality image going around. I haven’t seen anyone else use rings, yet, but it’s probably been done and I just didn’t see one.


24 March

Work example

I don’t usually get to do much creative, so when a pie chart was needed, I put this together. Not terribly exciting, but I don’t know where else to keep examples of the daily work that I do.

FS human traffic

20 March

Journey WIP, part 2

Or, more costume takeover of my blog.

WIP Journey

WIP Journey

This past Christmas, or my birthday, I forget which, my brother gave me a copy of Journey. I’d seen it before, a good friend played it for a bit to show it to me. Somehow the wonder of it didn’t really sink in until I got to play it myself, starting from the beginning. I played it over around three days. It was actually a very short game, maybe 5-6 hours in total length, if you aren’t trying to find all the trophies. My first play through, I did not go actively searching for trophies, but next time I will.

The game is stunningly beautiful in it’s simplicity. You only ever get two commands – ‘jump’ and ‘signal’, and that’s all you ever need. I can honestly say Journey surprised me greatly, both in story and in the act of traveling through the game itself.

I’ve pretty closely followed TurnonRed’s tutorial to make the cosplay, with a few of my own ways of doing things. http://turnonred.tumblr.com/post/22304756914/okay-that-took-forever-im-sorry-heres-the

I originally attempted to make the scarf above with just yellow fabric and iron-on backed red fabric for the details. I was not happy with the fact that I apparently cannot cut a straight line to save my life. In any case, after blanket stitching all the details on the cloak, I was DONE with blanket stitching the scarf. My second try, I tried painting with just a straight edge and a ruler, but I couldn’t keep the thicknesses of the lines quite right, and it just didn’t look that good, so I trashed it. For my third and final scarf, I hand cut stencils made from TurnonRed’s tutorial and PDF’s using an x-acto knife and copious amounts of freezer paper. I was able to reuse some of the stencils once – thank god – but for the most part they were all individually hand cut. The scarf is double sided, yellow Kona Gold cotton, stitched at the edges and left raw but Fray-checked to prevent over-fraying. Some fraying is good because of the style. The other side of the scarf has mirrored glyphs, reflecting how texture lays on single-layer polygons in games-the pattern goes straight through the scarf, rather than opposite, if that makes any sense. The light comes from silver safety reflective tape with a camera flash.

23 October

Greetings from….

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Made at the request of my best friend, for one of her very dear friends. Thrown together in about 30 minutes.

It’s an in-joke.

28 August

My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic – posters

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[Set of posters for a DragonCon 2012 event

Set of four posters, regular page size, created at the request of a gal on Facebook who is throwing a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic party at DragonCon 2012 Artwork is taken from the tv series, and I claim absolutely no rights to the artwork of the show or Lauren Faust. Theme is Best Night Ever, after episode of the same name.

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