25 May


For my local D&D group.

For the past six months or so I’ve been running a 3.5 D&D group. I had only attempted to DM once before, and frankly, I was terrible at it. My husband had run the 3.5 Ravenloft module a few years back, and since I had so much fun with it, I thought I’d give it a shot myself.  So far I feel like I’m doing a much better job at running games in general, and my players are actually enjoying themselves, despite the repeated deaths of the barbarian.  In my defense, he really aught to stop bashing down every door in sight.  Every tool is an axe and every problem is something that needs to be killed with said axe.  Dwarves, I swear to god.  Where was I?

In about 2 weeks, the game will be over, for two reasons.  One, my party is finally right outside the lair of the master vampire, and two, I’m  moving to Charlotte on June 13th, or there about.

Hubby accepted a position just outside of Charlotte some eight months ago, with plans for me to move there eventually.  My boss has okay’d me working from Charlotte, so there I go.

I’m excited and terrified.  I knew change would have to come sooner or later, and I’ve had quite a bit of time to prepare for the move.  Gods willing, we’ll be packing up all three cats and migrating them to our new primary residence in a few short weeks.  I’m sure they’re going to love the trip.  Cats love trips.  (no, they really don’t).  Okay, I’m not really terrified, but it will be interesting.

I’m also sad because I just found a new barn to ride at, but we’ll be back from time to time so hopefully I’ll have some time to squeeze in weekend lessons.


2 May

You’re a kitty!

A cat post.  It had to happen sooner or later.  Meet Lieutenant McFluffypants.

LouieLouie here is 19 years old this year.  That’s roughly six billion in cat years.  Here’s a shout-out to you, buddy, I hope you stick around for another 20 years, cause you aren’t allowed to die.  My world would end.

He was adopted by my husband in ’96 from the Wake County Animal Shelter, and he was already almost an adult then, probably about a year old but no one knows for sure.  He’s at the vet here for his usual check-ups and a refill of his allergy and arthritis/pain drugs.  His vet says he has the heart and lungs of a much younger cat, plus no signs of anything bad about to happen – knock wood –  but he is legitimately is old as dirt so we’ll keep a close eye on him.

Here’s to you, Louie.  Keeping being a kitty.


26 March

Web chips for work

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Update: I decided I didn’t like the original ones after all and redid them.

Since the changeover, we’re trying to flush out the old images and make all new ones. One of the efforts has been replacing all the generic sports related headline/chip images for web. While all are saved as 640×320, they resize smaller online for a more user friendly preview.


Carolina Hurricanes



The original concepts had crowd/players or otherwise more stuff going on in the background. This design is offset from center, more basic and will be more uniform.


Images were pulled from AP graphics bank and Thinkstockphotos

12 March

I did a thing

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ACC Brackets 2014
More TWCNews web stuff.

Final version allows webstaff to edit the winners into the remaining columns.

5 March

Another new Web Banner

For work. I should probably go back and reorganize my images.

Severe Weather Awareness

Severe Weather Awareness

Made in about 20-30 minutes. For our coverage of Gov. McCrory’s declaration of Severe Weather Awareness week for NC.

Hurricane Week replacement Banner reflecting the new look of the station.

Hurricane week

30-45 minutes.

27 January

Internal map – North and South Carolina


Created based on another existing map, and modifying my own templates in Photoshop. Covers DMA’s in our area – not secret information.

The company I work for just underwent a name change, so it’s been interesting adapting to the new look.

27 March

Marriage Equality

My two versions of the red Equality image going around. I haven’t seen anyone else use rings, yet, but it’s probably been done and I just didn’t see one.


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