3 June

More friend requests for ‘shopping

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Danielle on fire

For whatever reason ‘fire’ keeping getting requested.

I threw this together for my friend Danielle in about 30 minutes. I think she’ll be pleased. Still, I wish I could get people to give me original files instead of just the facebook upload photos.  The bottom-most layer isn’t really good enough for facial details, but I think it works overall.  I ended up just leaving the bushes behind her green just to leave a counter-color opposite all the reds.

Once again, going for kind of a ‘book cover’ sort of feel.

Danielle is Sorsha here, from Willow.


13 February

And that’s why the car was on fire.

A photo came in attached to a work-related email. It appeared on my FB feed as well, with the as yet unanswered question – WHY IS THE CAR ON FIRE?

So I answered it.

NC Storm At-AT 2014

NC Storm At-AT 2014

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