This page is showcasing of my cosplay and costume work, and examples of what I can and do make on commission.

Arwen, Chase Dress



Made from 7 grey goat skins, and machine embroidered.  This is more or less the final version of the dress. I’ve since hemmed and de-frayed the cloth sleeve cuffs.  The pattern came from several sources online. I made a mockup in cotton. The sleeves are lined with a microsuede blue fabric and the skirts are made of a faux silk look-a-like. At some point I may weather it and replace with real silk, but I’d have to find the right material to convince myself to do so.

 Rocket and Groot

Rocket and Groot

My Rocket Raccoon isn’t all that much to look at, I’ll grant you.  HOWEVER.  A week after we saw Guardians of the Galaxy, my husband declared he wanted to be Groot at DragonCon. In 4 weeks. I made myself a tail and ears, hemmed a found jacked, painted a Nerf gun and threw on some black clothes. For Jason, I dremeled several sheets of EVA floor foam to look like a wood-texture mask and tree-like plates.  I made an undersuit of cotton and burlap, then attached around 10 or 12 tubes of pipe insulation in various sizes.  I painted the whole thing with a base of latex-based wall paint to prevent cracking, then painted over it again a few times in various shades of brown and black for texture and color variation.  After that, I flocked the head and other parts with model train tree and grass material. Many spot repairs were made that weekend, but we joke that he was the third-best Groot at DragconCon 2014 and we had an absolute blast as a duo.  Inspiration for this particular Groot Build came from Calen Hoffman who fleshed out the idea first and who I found randomly through an online article.  The only part my husband made of the costume was the six inch wood block stilts. I helped our Gamora with her skin paint and costume touch ups.

Mara Jade



Lightsaber by SaberForge, “JadeFire”. Suit material from Spandex World, 4-way fake leather stretch. I found the Vera Wang gloves at Kohls (hey, they fit perfectly) and bought the wig and shoulder buckles on Ebay. I shaped  and dyed my leather straps and cut them to fit and added metal snaps. I water-molded a leather blaster holster as well and dyed it.  The cape is linen, and the base leather and belt buckle are from Tandy’s.  I sculpted my shin guards from Worbla and craft foam, then painted and sealed them.  I added leather straps and buckles to the shin guards to secure them.  The knee pads I think were from a roller derby set – they and the goggles were found on amazon.   I painted and glossed the knee pads to match the guards I made.

Original Photo by Brandon Hurley, effects by me

River, Serenity


The overdress is made of a sheer poly fabric and all seams serged in white – close fitting at the torso and flowing out into a half-circle.  Because of how lightweight the material was, all the seams are reinforced with a straight stitch in blue thread and fray-checked.

The underdress is blue knit and cut on the bias for extra flow.  The top of the dress has a soft bra panel lining to avoid outer seam stitching showing.

Rebel Legion, local branch, Blue Ridge Base

Rebel Legion approved. RL_Liz-1 RL_piney

Made on commission and approved for public use with Rebel Legion and Star Wars.  Left – Return of the Jedi ‘Luke Skywalker’, Empire Strikes Back ‘Bespin Leia’ and A New Hope ‘Old Ben Kemobi”. Luke made with black broadcloth cotton, Leia in supplex and Obi-wan in cream linen and a 100% brown wool cloak. Leia is the only one with a material requirement – her white jumpsuit must be made with supplex and lined. May be padded or unpadded.

Suede Leather “Elf Cloak’

Paul Cory Photography

Elf cloak commissioned to be made out of real leather suede purchased from Tandy’s, six forest green soft pigskin hides. Cloak is full ankle-length with bell sleeves and single closure front.  Raw edges are folded in and held with leather glue.  Design put together from two different existing patterns with a few tweaks and added hood. Cloak embroidered front and back by machine with bronze embroidery thread made by Coats.

Photography by Paul Cory.

Personal approved Rebel Legion costumes

RL_Kim_Mara RL_Leia RL_Padme RL_Kmaayla RL_KimPadme

My costumes approved for public use for Star Wars events and Rebel Legion. Left, Mara Jade, Extended Universe – black spandex blend and hand-dyed leather accents. ‘Classic Princess Leia’ A New Hope – white poly dress. “Decoy Padme” Phantom Menace-poly fabric and crafted sculpey belt.  “Aayla” Clone Wars-modified existing pants and shirt, hand-dyed blue spandex lekku stuffed with poly-fil and sand.  ‘Lake Retreat Dress Padme” Clone Wars –  hand dyed silk chiffon and charmuse silk.

Cursed Form Midna

midna_WolfLink2 helmet crop Midna-2wolves


‘Cursed Form’ Midna hails from the 2006 Zelda: Twilight Princess and I created her in May, 2013. Helmet 2 feet+ wide and 40 inches around the crown. Fatigue floor foam, 20 giant glue sticks, craft foam accents, soldering iron burnt patterns engraved into the foam and then the whole thing sealed and hand painted.  The shape is cut after actual game texture files printed and blown up. A lot. black, silver, grey and silver flake paints. The bodysuit was ordered plain white and then I dyed it with idye poly in a pale green-blue, then hand painted with 7 or 8 bottles of  fabric ink. I heat set the whole thing, then applied 300 inches of reflective blue tape, normally meant for use on bicycles. The tape flashes bright glowing blue when under a camera flash but is otherwise medium blue.  I get quite a few ooh’s and ahh’s when I remind people to check their camera for the photo result.  The ears and other body details are made with recycled black leather and molded Worbla. The giant pony tail is fleece filled with stuffing and also hand-dyed with a spray bottle and a mixture of writing ink and rubbing alcohol. The helmet is surprisingly light, only around 4 lbs and stays on without a strap.

Won “Best in Show” at Concarolinas 2013.

Journey, unnamed traveling character

journey_duke Journey2 journeysnowflat

Made in March, 2013, based on the character from Journey, a shortish but vividly beautiful video game by That Game Company.  My costume is made from Kona Cotton, interfacing and  fully lined in poly.  The scarf is hand-painted by hand-cut stencil on wax paper, and finished with fray-check and the sides stitched.  Shiny parts on the scarf are reflective tape.  I made my own bias tape – over 100 feet of it, and the yellow ‘people’ symbols are also hand cut and then machine blanket stitched. snaps and velcro close.

Left photo taken at Duke Chapel, in Durham, NC, by N3 Photography! Journey Cosplay, with the Carolina D20 girls group! — As always, thanks to TurnonRed for the tutorial!

Silver Dress


A few years ago, a friend gave me a pile of silver crushed velvet and I wasn’t sure what to do with it for a while.  I ended up salvaging a blue curtain and buying the lighter purple sleeve lining material and using a bunch of pearls I had lying around to put the dress together using Simplicity pattern I liked.  The dress laces up the back with grommets, and is lined in yet more leftover material I had lying around.   I hand-hemmed the bottom edge because it wouldn’t take a machine stitch without bunching.  I mostly just wanted to post how awesome it looks while on a horse.  Photography  by Danielle Stilloe.

Midna, Twilight Princess

midnaglow1 Midna Mirror Midna_turn

“True Form Midna”, My first costume love, and character that I have not been able to retire yet. 2 pairs of red contacts, 4 wigs, 2 cloaks, 2 skirts, 2 bodysuits and 5 belts later, the only thing that hasn’t been replaced is the metal chain on my head ornament.  The newest version of the cloak is wired with strips of LEDs. EL wires have been hand stitched with fishing line into the arms and onto the leg of the bodysuit.  I have a portable lithium ion battery pack that hangs behind my back in a little pouch that powers my lights. The pack is wall charged and powers my lighting for over six hours at a time. The LED strips are waterproof 5050 strips, and hide behind a painted poly blue gauze. The light in the left hand photo is not digitally altered.

Most of the fabric is off-black suiting material. Lined in blue bridal satin. Anklet and crown made out of sculpey, primed black then dry brushed with silver flake paint. Wig is (was) hand-dyed. Bodysuit is hand painted. Cloak is hand painted with white pearlescent and turquoise fabric paint, and detailed with black fabric ink.  I’ve sold one commission of a partial bodysuit, and two cloaks.

The Zant tunic on the left is also made by me. The tunic is unlined black poly with mint green bias tape, blood red satin, white satin and blue satin for the back pattern. The front is hand painted red satin. The sleeves are hand painted as well.  All patterns are screen accurate.  My Midna is the “Wii” version, or flipped from the Gamecube version, left to right.

Right photo taken by White Wolf

I also have a pattern for sale on Etsy:

Korra Group


In a flurry of sewing, I made all three of these costumes in early-mid 2013. Jinora is made from cotton/linen fabric that I dyed since I couldn’t find the yellow I wanted.  I made matching red straps with elastic used for the hairband, and snaps for the ankles and wrist bands.  Bolin was made with green poly because I couldn’t find a fabric I liked in cotton.  The jacket is trimmed with light green bias tape that I made for it with the same material used for the cuffs and collar.  Mako’s and Bolin’s pants are made from the same black linen/cotton cloth.  Mako‘s jacket is a heavier sateen cotton blend with red cotton trim.   I made Pabu with maroon and brown minky, a little white minky, white faux fur for eyebrow tufts and some wire inside for posing the tail and body.  The paws are stitched to have toes and I picked up the eye studs from Joann’s.

 Suki, Kyoshi Warrior

Suki Suki_rokc

Photos by Fred Johnson at Umstead Park.  Suki is a Kyoshi Warrior from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  I made the armor out of vinyl and black bias tape.  I weathered it with black paint and fastened it with grommets and leather lacing.  While the tv show character show no lacing, I wanted to make it look a little more ‘real’.  The skirt is a heavy emerald green polyester and coat was cotton, I believe.   Details are craft foam and more vinyl.  Makeup is Ben Nye liquid white and red.  Costume retired.

Lake Retreat Padme/Attack of the Clones/Anakin kiss scene

Rainbow_Padme_Danielle Padme_rainbow

Approved for formal use by Rebel Legion. I used several yards of silk chiffon that I hand dyed ombre rainbow with pink, yellow, blue and purple acid dyes by Jaquard. The satin binding/edging is also hand-dyed. The under dress is bias cut charmuese silk and also hand-dyed with the acid dyes. I made the cuffs of gold paper with real mother-of-pearl details and paint. The necklace is made of paperclay, with mother-of-pearl veneers and gold paint, then clear coated. The headbands are handcrafted out of more paperclay and painted purple with hemisphere gold pearl beads glued on. Front and back hanging beads are handstrung clear and crystal seed beads. Dress hand-stitched to arm covers to keep in place at the wrists and elbows. Hidden back zipper. The under dress was made with a modified existing pattern, and reference photos sourced from Padawan’s Guide.

 Rainbow Dash, Future Wonderbolt



Commissioned: This is a Rainbow Dash “Wonderbolt” suit commissioned by a friend. Suit is spandex/dancewear fabric with medium weight interfacing and zig-zag stitched all the yellow. The cutie mark is made from felt and likewise stitched. Suit zippered in the back with a false ‘face mask’ that is simply extra fabric that drapes around the neck.

 Obi-Wan Kenobi/Ben Kenobi


Commissioned: Classic Obi-Wan Kenobi, approved by Rebel Legion. Cloak is wool, and the cream fabric is a rough linen. The cloak is un hemmed with raw edges, as the cloak is unraveling in A New Hope. Seam in the back is hidden by a pleat that extends to the bottom. Side seamed, with no top arm sleeve seam. Hood is hand stitched on. Linen sleeves are hand blind hem stitched at the cuff.

 Karma, formal and informal

Karma_bridge_01 giant fan Karma_casual

My formal version of Karma, designed from drawn art for the character for ConTemporal, first year, 2012. I used blue poly brocade to make a coat/dress and bustle. the coat is fully lined. The skirt is made of slightly sheer fabric that I hand dyed ombre purple tones. The corset and umbrella were found. The giant metal fan goes with the character.

Left Photo by Danielle Stilloe

Giant Steampunk fan that I made for my ConTemporal character, Karma. The fan is made of metal screen door grid as a base that was spray painted metallic bronze. The flat metallic pieces are several pieces of craft foam that have been cut to shape, layered with Mod Podge, and then finished with Rub N’ Buff and clear coat spray. Some of the small pieces were found at the hardware store. The ‘rivets’ are small googly eyes that have been primed black then Rub n’ Buffed silver.

 Imperial Officer, Star Wars: A New Hope


Commissioned: Green Imperial Officer Uniform approved by 501st. Gabardine cotton, lined. Pants and upper parts of jacket interfaced to hold shape. I also cut, trimmed and hand-dyed the belt black and sealed it. Uniform closes with hidden snaps and neck hook and eyes.

 Flim Flam Bros., My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic

FlimFlam I made both vests and found the fabric for the hat detail. My friend’s vest has wider stripes to try to keep the stripe count the same.  I spent a very long time looking for simple blue and white striped fabric, and finally opted to make my own by piecing 3 yards of fabric together instead of painting the lines.  Vests were made with no set pattern, but mine is gathered slightly in the back with a square piece of fabric, and lined.  Both have 3 brass buttons.



Pirate coat modeled by my friend. Made from a pattern, altered slightly.

 ConCarolinas, Best in Show, 2011award


My Little Pony Plushes

IMG_1160 rainbow_dash_plushie1 IMG_1227

 Plushie of Rainbow Dash created for a friend as a gift. Yes, that is a Cthulu pony. Based on the male Pegasus pattern, with my own touches. I made two different Pinkie Pies and one Big Mac.  Not pictured is She-Ra’s Swiftwind plush.  Pony patterns purchased from ValleyViolet on Etsy.

 Sally, Nightmare Before Christmas


Sally was made from scraps of fabric machine stitched. I took a heavy duty yard needle and black yarn to make cosmetic large stitches. I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what the back of the dress looked like – naturally, I have no photos of the back of the dress.  The wig is two skeins of a brown/red loose yard that I partially took apart.  The yarn is stitched to a wig cap.  Costume retired.

Ready to Wear, Couture for a Cause, 2012

Alicia poses in my second outfit One of my two designs

Not cosplay, but two outfits that I created for charity for a Couture for a Cause in late 2012. Alicia is my model for the shots and fashion show. Both outfits were created to represent the local chapter Boys n’ Girls club.  Right outfit was my ‘art to wear’ design. Model: Alicia Betancourt, Date: November 12, 2012

Lina Inverse, Slayers

LIna1Lina Lina Inverse version 1: This is an older photo with my Bondo armor shoulders and old boot covers. I will be posting more recent ones with a new wig, that I hand dyed, new shoulder armor, new boots and gloves.  The shirt, interestingly enough, is made from the same pattern than I used as a base for Karma, only this coat is shorter, with short sleeves.  White trim is satin blanket binding that was stitched once to place, then hand-stitched inside to avoid visible machine stitching on the outside.  Coat velcro’s shut and closes with a hook and eye at the neck. Pants were found and altered.  Made belt and glove ornaments out of sculpey. Red and green gems, including the huge ones at the shoulders, are self-cast resin.  Leather belts found.  Shoulders held on with hope and duct tape.  Headband made out of black satin.

Mystique mystique

More of an honorable mention, really.  I made the classic Mystique dress out of white stretch satin (NEVER AGAIN) and my husband’s capelet for Mastermind. Both were last minute ideas done for Halloween, 2011. I also made a belt of skulls using Halloween shop props, spray painting them metallic gold and attaching them to a white satin belt by cutting holes through all of them and threading them onto the belt.  While I was fairly happy with the costume, it did not hold up.

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