One of my favorite, recent dry erase board sketches


Many of these sketches are very old, but I still like them.

Corset comic

Comic concept.

Pinky McPedro 01

Something I had sketched up with the intention of finalizing and sending into Girls With Slingshots. Girls With Slingshots. Danielle calls for guest strips occasionally but I never get them done fast enough. I should make one ahead of time, probably!

Another sketch

Henry and Bandit

I had drawn this as ‘correspondence’ between my old cat, Bandit, and ‘Henry” the three-legged cat. Someone gave me a book about Henry, and I fell in love with the little guy. I send the author/owner this comic, and she loved it :)

Sea Dragon Text

MTG: Norrit

MTG: Norrit

dragon candle holder

glass dragon


Random sketching

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