Star Wars Reads Day



I made Facebook “posters” for individual members of our Star Wars fan base group.  The people in them represent our region and were able to promote themselves for Star Wars Reads Day.


Danielle on fire


Danielle as Sorcha – She wanted a background ‘on fire’. Costume made entirely by her.  As with all her requests, they’re a little silly, but she likes it.




 My second take on this ‘stalking pose’ from the Star Wars informal photoshoot day on May 17th. I had played with it once, tweaked it, and then ultimately slapped myself on a free existing downloadable background.

I jacked up the lightsaber glow effects, fixed a few lighting issues and probably added an extra filter or two. Overall, I’m happy with it. I really wish the original photo hadn’t come out blurry, but I think it works alright for the ‘book cover’ type effect that I’m going for here.

Original photo by Brandon Hurley



NC Storm At-AT 2014

NC Storm At-AT 2014

 The day Raleigh became defined by a car on fire on a major highway after it snowed.  Photo taker unknown. I added the AT-AT




Once again ‘shopped for a friend. I mostly only tweaked her skin tone, makeup and eyelashes.

Cosplay, Zelda Group, Animazement 2013

Finished photoshop image from our Animazement group photo. I have permission from all cosplayers to alter the photo(s) and use them.

Midna Mirror Midna + 3D mirror I made with the texture I made. Its about 90% of what I actually want. The original photos were grainy, but I’m still pretty happy with them.


Swiftwind and She-Ra
My friend again – she has asked for a number of fantasy photoshop work and I am usually happy to oblige! It’s a little funny looking on purpose.

Fake Postcard for a friend – ridiculous on purpose, I promise.

Set of posters for a DragonCon 2012 event
Best Night Ever posters – MLP free work done for a fan party

How to piss off a nerd contribution

Contest entry Submitted for a Rachel Maddow show contest. I thought it was funny.




Lots of photoshopping here – I replaced my face with one from another photo. Cut out the background, fixed the sidewalk and made a lot of small touches here and there, and made the fairy and trail.  Fountain is real.

 Desktop image on request

Luke and Mara wallpaper


More older “Zelda” photoshop


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