WIP – Lottery Billboard

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Lottery prize board

Lottery Billboard

Nearly complete. Requested a week or so ago as part of my work load – it was a nice break from my usual routine. I used VBscript in VIZrt to allow the board to be switched out for a MegaMillions option via a radio button, and the numbers may be selected to reflect the current potential drawing payout (before taxes). After punching in the numbers and picking PB or MM, the tempate plays directly out and may be recorded immediately. (one of the things I really like about VIZ) The colors are taken from local billboards and designs, with a slight twist to look more like our graphics.

I built the billboard scaffolding in Lightwave 9, after hunting down some photos and noticing that scaffolding everywhere is apparently covered in rust, which is why it’s red here. The walkway is a low-poly mesh built from a curving path and duplicated with Array. Nothing new with that. Simple pieces like the pole and billboard itself were built in VIZ, on top of the imported OBJ. I ran into a new VIZ limitation – it will choke after a certain poly-count. I had to export the scaffolding on one side, then the other in order to get both sides in VIZ. VIZ does not seem to have a function for object mirroring, which would have saved me a few steps.

The images on the billboard were built in photoshop, nothing special there.

The traffic in the background is actually a 30 second video loop taken from a DOT cam. The 14’s in a circle are a standard element and rotate slowly clockwise.

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