Costume update – for my niece

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This was more construction than actual sewing.

I used some leftover teal/turquoise fabric that I hadn’t cut into yet and had been saving for.. something. A crushed velvet shirt or skirt that was cut up for scraps, craft foam, glitter, 2 widths of elastic, leftover wide ribbon from Padme (dyed and un-dyed), a rectangular scrap of silk chiffon that I dyed for a caplet, a wand from Michaels, a giant Christmas flower that I dismembered and used for the front of the dress, a string of pearls that I bought a year ago for something else and never used, leftover gauzy ribbon from wedding materials, and a trio of pre-made green butterflies from Michaels. And hot glue. but that goes without saying. The dress is napkin pointed, rather than circular and has velvet shoulder straps. The wings are craft foam with glitter and rhinestones and leftover padme ribbon.

This is baby costume #2 for me. The first one was for my first and only nephew, Connor, and he was a baby dragon, though that one was made entirely of 2 colors of fleece and some shiny red fabric. It was my first children’s costume, period, and this is my second. Not pictured is a strip of fabric I stitched for .. something, maybe a headband.

Anyway, I think the key to kid’s costumes in the future will be just having fun with constructing and adding to a fabric base, rather than worrying too much about the clothing layer. In case the dress isn’t long enough though, I”m going to pick up some Tulle and make a poofy skirt to go under the dress separately. This was fun to do, even though I let it sit till the last minute. Since we’re spending Halloween day with my niece and her dads, I may dig out my own fairy costume.

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