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In an attempt to get the hell out of my non-art rut and get working on something new and skill honing, I’m going to work on a character model. I haven’t done one in .. well, way too long. The last character models I made were super low-poly for a robot flash game, and I don’t even have them on the website because of how low-texture/poly they are. They were animated though, so it might be worth linking to them, if the game still exists.

Anyway, here’s the artwork for the model, and here’s what I’m going to do.

It was recommended that I work on a high-poly, 10k count upper limit/range model to look shiny and pretty and to go nuts on it with Z-Brush, and a low-poly model that would be suitable for gaming purposes.

So, that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m taking an existing piece of game art to show that I can adapt a model of either high or low-poly of very high quality from someone else’s completed 2D artwork. If nothing else, it gets me to work on (stylized) humans again. I’m going to give her a mount too, since she’s a Paladin, and looks very close to what I imagine as my own D&D 3.5 character that I play in an ongoing campaign. I have an advantage in that there is a good deal of 2D art available for this particular character, which also means I have no excuses for not getting her right.

paladin art

Paladin 4.0 resource art

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