Two weeks later…

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I think I’ve been fighting off a cold for two weeks.  For the second (or third) time this year, I spent my vacation time sick instead of being at a Con or otherwise out of state.  Went to doctor last week, but may need to go somewhere again.  I need my monitors raised and looking down at them is currently annoying and causes aches in my shoulders.

I really need to draw something today.  All I can actually think about at the moment is catching up on sleep when I leave work today.

How can I be useful today instead of complaining? okay, to-do list, go:

1. Draw something. Scribble. Anything

2.  Grocery shopping list

3.  Throw five minutes at my Etsy shop.

4.  Find some mechanical pencils to bring to work

5.  Pack markers before I forget again


1.  Plan of attack on trip to home 1 for cleaning

2.  Work on Catra

3.  Work on Hoth Leia Vest/organize loose fabric

4.  Find that missing thingie

5.  Make vet appointment for Penny for follow-up bloodwork

6.  Rinse new cat water fountain before it gets gross


Notes to self – shop for an exercise ball/chair for work.

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