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New digs are great.  I don’t have a privacy of a closed office anymore, but the cube has more drawers.  Technically, I do, in fact get a ‘view’ of the sky but it’s above eye level. Maybe it’ll amount for a smidge more vitamin D than I was getting on a regular basis, which was pretty much none.  The layout and overall design of the Charlotte newsroom appeals to me.  As near as I can figure, the whole thing is asymmetrical.   The drop tile ceiling is both tilted and has more than four edges.  There’s a wide staircase that leads to the ‘secret’ break room that we get to use on the weekends but during the week is ruled by the TWC sales people.  Our ‘break area’ is less of a break room and more of a coffee and drink dispenser location, with a separate closet crowded with the fridge and two apparently notoriously unreliable vending machines.  However, there’s Starbucks, more tea bags than simply ‘decaf’ and ‘regular’ and three flavors of free crystal light packs.

The Starbucks coffee turned out to only be the ‘blonde’ variety, but it’s still better than the generic k-cups we had in Raleigh.

I was about to run out to a nearby office supply store and pick up a new dry erase board, when one of my newly local co-workers warmly suggested that I use the board in the conference room.

I took a peek around the corner.

dry erase board

I’m tempted to quote Bugs Bunny but I feel like I’d be seriously dating myself.



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