You’re a kitty!

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A cat post.  It had to happen sooner or later.  Meet Lieutenant McFluffypants.

LouieLouie here is 19 years old this year.  That’s roughly six billion in cat years.  Here’s a shout-out to you, buddy, I hope you stick around for another 20 years, cause you aren’t allowed to die.  My world would end.

He was adopted by my husband in ’96 from the Wake County Animal Shelter, and he was already almost an adult then, probably about a year old but no one knows for sure.  He’s at the vet here for his usual check-ups and a refill of his allergy and arthritis/pain drugs.  His vet says he has the heart and lungs of a much younger cat, plus no signs of anything bad about to happen – knock wood –  but he is legitimately is old as dirt so we’ll keep a close eye on him.

Here’s to you, Louie.  Keeping being a kitty.


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