25 February

Society 6 store

Is now open!


And filling up slowly. I have to re-format my Last Pot Brewed images and it takes a few minutes per, along with deciding which ones I want to try to sell.

13 February

And that’s why the car was on fire.

A photo came in attached to a work-related email. It appeared on my FB feed as well, with the as yet unanswered question – WHY IS THE CAR ON FIRE?

So I answered it.

NC Storm At-AT 2014

NC Storm At-AT 2014

27 January

Internal map – North and South Carolina


Created based on another existing map, and modifying my own templates in Photoshop. Covers DMA’s in our area – not secret information.

The company I work for just underwent a name change, so it’s been interesting adapting to the new look.

25 November
20 November
20 November
7 October
7 October

Updated animated banner

For my Blue Ridge Base signature.

New BRB banner

Also, I’ve been elected as the Commanding Officer for Blue Ridge Base in North and South Carolina

Go me!

19 September

More recent work

TWC_Coverage_09_2013 copy

Something I update periodically at work. I’ve been pleading with my boss about letting me change the colors, but this is what they want. I did manage to get through a round of cleaner text and a few other changes.

I made the original based off an even older design. This is meant for in-house use, but is nothing secret.

20 August

Random fun thing – Pony Island

Tatt Gallery


Queen Chrys

A few months ago, a friend got me into an online game called “Pony Island”. One of the things you can do with ponies is ‘tattoo’ them with your own images, either with a solid background or even with an alpha, but only in certain boxes. All the ponies have just one template per male/female/breed, so the image areas are a little limited. Each pony gets 3 ‘slots’ or tiny boxes that run together where images can be added to the skin.

I went a little crazy and made a bunch of Tat’s for my own ponies and sold other ones. These are my favorites. The top three I won a contest with the designs for “Seasons”

The ponies display pretty small, only around 250×250, and the tattoo area is only on the body in the middle of that square. I’ve had fun harkening back to my low-poly 3D days with small textures sizes. Some ponies get even less area than others because their wings take up so much space of the display area.

All were done in Photoshop. All pony tattoos were made from scratch and saved as .png’s – game rules prevent any photos or photo derivatives from being used, so everything must be painted by hand. Image references are allowed, but nothing can be directly copied.

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